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Wayward Writers Press is looking for quality above all else. We are seeking unique voices telling powerful stories in a variety of full-length genres including:

  • Novels that are Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Upmarket Fiction, Thrillers, Romance, General and Cozy Mysteries, Suspense, Horror, Detective Stories, Dystopian and Diaster Stories, Science Fiction, Satire

  • Short Story Collections with a Cohesive Theme 

  • Books of Poetry (but holy hell they better be face-melting good)

  • Verse Novels

  • Memoirs

  • Creative non-fiction

  • Novels of the Sea

  • Florida-centric stories

We welcome agented and unagented submissions.

To Submit:


Please send us an email to

The submission process is super simple:

Send us the first 5 pages of your book.

We are a small press with a small staff, so we can unfortuately only respond to submissions that pique our interests. If yours is such a submission, we will reach out to request more materials or a full manuscript. All of us at Wayward Writers Press have been through the punishing process of putting our work out into the world, so we understand how difficult the submission proess can be. Hang in there. Keep writing. 


Damn the torpedos. Pee in the street.  Hurt the people.


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