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Wayward Writers Press is an independent publisher of stories that struggle to find a home in traditional publishing houses, journals, magazines, and presses. The zeitgiest of the day in the publishing world often leaves behind powerful voices and skips past stories that can change the world. Like a feroicious sea worm snatching an unsuspecting fish into its terrifying maw, our editors want to devour misplaced stories from wayward writers.


Forget query letters that pander to an agent's wishlist. Stop worrying about publishing trends and start sending us powerful, skillful, gut-shaking fiction that makes us reevaluate our perception of humanity. We don't care if it's about witches or the end of the world or the intrigue of the international donut cartel. We only care that it's good and that it makes us feel.


Damn the torpedoes. Pee in the street. Hurt the people

About the Press
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